Strategy Labs

Marketing strategy should be at the beginning of your thinking cycle, regardless of whether you want to re-look at your business, you are just starting one, or are developing a new product/service to expand on your income streams.

After years spent assembling commercial and marketing strategies worth millions of dollars, I am very passionate about the opportunity to help other organizations understand if their commercial aspirations stack up and have potential.

Through my lens, I can help you understand the feasibility and commercial viability of your ideas. My lens is the marketing mix: product, price, promotion and place. In other words, very synthetically put, we look at:

  • What are you trying/wanting to sell and to whom?
  • At what price point? Will you make money?
  • How will your customer know? How should you let them know?
  • How should you sell it to them? How do you make them come back?

My role

It is important to work with consultants that respect the fact that the business belongs to you, not them. While I use my expertise and marketing sensitivity to guide you to the finish line, I feel very strongly about you achieving your own answers and decisions through my process. I use my tried-and-tested extensive experience in the marketing mix to challenge your thinking and push you outside your comfort zone, but whatever decisions you make around your business, you own them 100%.

What you end with is a practical action plan that is yours, not mine.

Time investment

A full workshop is delivered through various sessions that would add to about 1.5/2 full days. This is a crucial piece of work and everyone should invest in it! Once it’s done, you only need to revisit episodically. However, I can tailor the workshop based on your specific business situation, gaps and needs.

If you would like to discuss in further details and find out more about my strategy labs, contact me on 0425 321 715 or via the form below.