Who is Giovanna

Many people understand who the love of their life is in a few minutes. So did I. When my high-flying management consultant uncle spoke to me about “marketing”, I just knew.

Unfortunately, I was 16, too young. I had to wait until I finished Year 13 before I could actually open up my heart to it. But like all good love stories, it wasn’t going to be easy. No one in Italy knew who “marketing” was, they had never heard of it, not even at the top university Bocconi in Milan. In an era when the internet simply did not exist yet, he was hard to find!

Nothing could keep me apart from my love and passion, so I decided to pack my bags and visit its home: the United States. And that’s where and when I was able to finally start my relationship with the love of my life.

Since early 1992, I have lived and breathed marketing in a variety of shapes and forms. (Click here for more details about my career history)

From humble beginnings producing product and sales reports for management at one of the largest banking groups in America (US Bank), to launching one of the best convention centres in the world (Adelaide Convention Centre), to changing and implementing the commercial strategy of one of the most respected, long standing and largest membership organizations in South Australia (RAA’s Travel business), marketing is embedded in me.

When I do marketing, I glow; when I see the results, I am set on fire. This passion translates into profound commitment towards the employer or client I am working with. I dig deep and accept nothing but the best, most exhaustive outcome for me and others. In other words, I am in it to win.

Along the way, I have encountered wide spreads of limited understanding around what marketing truly is, does and why it is crucial in your business. Many are focused on disjointed tactical activity; many believe that marketing is just “Promotion” and forget the other 3 Ps; almost all don’t understand that sales really is the end-tail of a marketing process.

Well, if you are one of them, let me show you something way different that will blow your thinking away.