The cheapest and fastest communication channel

The Coronavirus has unleashed absolute chaos around the world. Many of us don’t have any experience in dealing with this magnitude of crisis, not professionally nor personally, but one thing that is absolutely crucial, and dare we say mandatory as a business, is to communicate clearly with your internal and external stakeholders.

Communication; in its many forms, gives you the opportunity to steer the situation, at least to some extent. It softens the hard blows that may come, it shows leadership in the midst of the crisis and it clears any

rumour or assumptions that people may have towards your business. The one thing about communication during a crisis is that things are always changing.

What you say today, may have to be different tomorrow. The decisions you made yesterday may be now contradicting the ones you are making now. Communication is as much about planning as it is about adapting to different situations. People will understand, but only if you communicate it to them. During a crisis in modern times, there is no lack of communication channels and modalities. One that is however an “oldie but a goodie” is Audio. ]

Audio makes receiving the message effortless and complements your other communication channels. Your audience can hear it in pretty much any life situation. As a business, you will find that your audience will engage with your brand predominantly via these two channels: phone and online (your website or social media channels).

Whilst your business operations may change during a crisis, your phone will still ring. Using the phone to deliver important announcements or alerts is an extremely effective way of keeping people informed of your business decision. It makes people know there are changes and can instruct them on the appropriate actions that need to be taken. It may also win you business if they know you’re available, still operating, when to return to your business if you have temporary closed, reduced your hours of operations or switch business model temporarily (for example a restaurant becoming a bottle shop, as we are seeing at the moment).

A professionally recorded announcement is quite inexpensive but worth the money in terms of delivering a professional, informative, educational and, why not, entertaining message to your audience.

In addition, it is also a way to tell your customers that you value their time while they call you or while they are holding on the phone. Hence why “home-made” recordings are a no-go and as a business, you are better off investing in valuable recorded content.

(Originally written by Lisa Fraser and edited by Giovanna Toldi for Telemall Communications Pty Ltd)