Hi there, I am Giovanna and I am a marketing strategist with 25 years of international experience in delivering commercial growth through the development and application of customer-centred brand and marketing strategy.

After an exciting and diverse senior management career across 3 continents, in a variety of industries and organizational structures, today I am focused on helping business owners and executives achieve their short and long term growth goals. I do this in a variety of ways: ad-interim executive, brand and business strategy development, project management, online/offline mentoring and, frankly, just by teaming up with my clients and use my knowledge, experience, passion and brain to help them.

Pro-bono mentoring

We all possess gifts that can contribute to the betterment of society. I am fortunate to be able to dedicate a considerable portion of my time in doing so applying my area of expertise and passion.

Every passionate, committed and hard-working business owner deserves a chance to succeed in their dreams. It’s ok to not know everything and use external help from an experienced mentor or simply bounce off ideas with a sounding board.

Online learning

With over 2000 students since launch in 2019 and an average rating of 4.3/5, perhaps a DIY workshop is what you need right now. You can sign up to my online channel at www.strategiatoldi.thinkific.com to view all courses and services.